Divorce, it is an extra difficult subject, especially if there are children whitin the marriage. If there are also children with disabilities, this also makes it extra difficult for each party. But how do you approach this in relation to the children, how do you tell something like that in understandable language without hurting children?

So there is indeed a lot to consider. For this, Laura Maas has taken her pen, done research and listed a lot of things in her book ‘Langs de Zijlijn’.


Along the Line is written especially for children whose parents are divorcing. For young children in primary education who have an attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD/ADD) or for the various forms of developmental disorders (ASD). As a parent you can go through this illustrated reading book step by step with your child to make the major changes understandable and visual. The booklet is clear, has clear illustrations and contains no unnecessary stimuli.

From the book

Mom and Dad now say “stop, stop!” against arguing. Because mom and dad no longer love each other, we are getting a divorce.

About the author

Laura Maas (1976) comes from Nieuw-Vennep and is a working mother of two sons. Her oldest son has ADHD. Her parents separated when she was five years old. This had a big impact on her. Unfortunately, she got divorced herself in 2016 and she wanted to protect her children from the same trauma. This booklet was created to properly prepare her children for what might await them. With great personal involvement and courage, she is therefore now committed to offering children of divorced parents a lot of clarity and clarity.

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