An increasingly grim war in Ukraine, normally we do not publish political and such stories. But this situation does not leave us in the cold.
It has been a hard battle for 9 days that has been fought on the territory of Ukraine, where many victims have been killed in the meantime. The whole world is therefore anxiously watching what the next steps and scenarios will be.

We therefore deeply sympathize with the Ukrainian people who have not chosen this at any point, more and more civilian regions are being affected by Russia, for which the world holds Russia responsible. We received numerous messages about this from young people, the elderly with and without the diagnosis of autism, with a lot of concerns. And together with you, we are also closely monitoring this situation.

Many of you are therefore waiting in a fearful attitude whether this will become the 3rd world war and also referred to in the media as a ‘nuclear war’. At the moment there is also nothing to indicate that the war will escalate further than Ukraine, but NATO and Europe have declared a state of high alert. The European border is heavily guarded by all NATO members. In the meantime, ‘peace talks’ have also started between the two countries so that this needless event can be stopped. Yet Russia continues to fight.
And we also support the Ukrainian people in these difficult times.

But how do we best deal with this as people with autism?

Often conflicting messages are shared across different media channels and it is important to get the right information. You can always follow the official channels via this website: This informative website is the government’s information channel about this specific crisis.

In addition, it is also recommended that you are registered with BE-Alert via the following website: so that you are immediately notified in case of crisis situations in your immediate vicinity and in Belgium. And you will receive regular updates by email if you sign up for this.

Through these channels you will always find all reliable information and you will not get any contradictions that you can hear in the media, or fake news via numerous social media channels.

In addition, we also advise everyone to talk to family members, friends and professional help if you have questions or concerns. They can also support you in this. We are also always available for questions and try to answer everyone as quickly as possible.

Do you have any questions or are you stuck with something? Be sure to contact us via our social channels or our website on this contact page.

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