The Basics of Meditation

Meditation helps many people today. This can be very diverse in its forms. For some people this is yoga, for others it is wellness and for many it is pure meditation. But they each have the same goal, to find peace in body and mind. But how can this help with autism or is this the ultimate means of rest? We will never guarantee this, but we still offer you to definitely try this. To make a correct conclusion for this, it is important that you try this for 21 days, preferably when waking up and getting up. It has also been proven that 15 minutes can be more than enough.

It is of course also a quest to find the way that can best help you. And that requires some effort, which is not always obvious. But it certainly pays off. I have tried many types of meditation and have come to the conclusion that meditation on my own is the best way. This way I also avoid distraction from others. Or too many stimuli from the environment for this, I also always use noise canceling headphones.

My quest for my way of meditating?

Of course I also researched and tried out many possibilities myself, until I came to my way of meditating. I’ve also tried numerous apps for my phone that support meditation. That’s how I came across the app Calm, Balanceand Meditation Moments. The latter is also available in Dutch and English. All apps also have a program for learning to meditate. And I also use the latter. Just because it is in Dutch, but also that the voice that guides the meditation maintains the right tone and offers the right guidance. But it was also new for me to try to surrender to this way of unwinding and aligning with myself.

How I proceed with each meditation session

Meditation is always personal and I too am very easily distracted from the smallest and least stimuli. That’s why I always meditate in my room in the dark. But still I always have a blindfold on and my noise canceling headphones to reduce the chance of stimuli. I do this morning and evening for about 15 minutes. Where I always choose Meditation Moments. In the morning I choose a focus strengthening session and in the evening a breathing exercise. The latter also helps with a better night’s sleep.

I also can’t deny that it was an adjustment in the beginning and a way to make me suffer in these sessions. But as the days go on, this gets better and better. And I chose to upgrade the app to the premium version in order to make full use of the app.


My conclusion is that meditation can certainly help with a mentally healthier life, but that it does not work for everyone. But that it is certainly a recommendation to try it for sure. You can always contact us for the necessary advice and tips. I can only confirm that it has a positive influence on my daily life and sleep. And that I can live a quieter life.

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