World Autism Day 2022 also made me think as a founder and I chose to share a personal experience with you. More specifically related to autism in the workplace and how I and my employer deal with this.

In addition to Autism Belgium, I also have a permanent position at Unilinor better known the company behind Quick-StepFloors. Here they focus more than 100% on the strengths of the employees, regardless of whether you have autism or not, another origin or not. Anyone who wants to learn and is enthusiastic about the job will have a great opportunity within this company. And it doesn’t feel like my job to me. Because Unilin knows my strengths within technology and computer science and had an excellent answer to this. That’s how I became a technical employee in the warehouse, also because I pay attention to the details of the malfunction, with the right knowledge in mind through extensive training that I was allowed to enjoy.

For example, I received internal training at my pace to master every facet of my position, and even now if I can’t get the issue resolved, I can still turn to many colleagues who share their knowledge and experience with. This is how we work together as a team.

I am also aware and also from my own experience that this is not the case with every company. Often people do not look at the strengths but at the atypical image of autism and find this regrettable. And then I think today is the calculated day to call on every company to bring about collective change here together.

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