In recent years, it has become more and more common for temperatures to exceed each other in the summer. With predictions for the coming days of up to 35 degrees Celsius, many people will suffer from the heat. It is known that people with autismhave an even harder time with this, including myself. But how can you provide sufficient cooling for yourself and your hometown without having to incur large costs? Below I give you some of my personal experiences and tips.

Why are people with autism even less able to tolerate the heat?

Heat is a big challenge for people with autism, because of the extra sensitivities to tastes, smells and textures, there is also heat. Not knowing what to do in this heat, almost no or no sense at all to do anything, excessive sweating makes it more difficult. We often don’t know what we do best and how we best provide cooling. Sufficient water is a logical tip here, but often drinking enough with autism is a stumbling block, but with these temperatures this requires extra attention.

Drink enough water

Drinking enough water is highly recommended for everyone at high temperatures. The risk of dehydration is therefore a lot higher. But how much should you drink at least at these warm temperatures? 2 liters is the recommended minimum, but I can’t reach this either. The temptation for soft drinks is of course greater, but due to the high amount of sugar, this is often bad in these weather conditions. Also here I make extra effort to drink enough water.

It is of course also important that your drink should not be too cold, if it is too cold, the chance of diarrhea is greater given the large temperature difference of the environment, your body and your drink. You should also have a bottle of water with you on the way.

Sufficient nutrition with healthy variety

At higher temperatures you consume more calories, but we are not a dietician in this either. However, it is important to eat enough spread throughout the day so that you create enough energy. Make sure you keep a healthy variation in this. Take at least 2 pieces of fruit, these are also slow sugars, avoid excessive sweets. I myself can enjoy a cold pasta salad or another fresh salad.

Even in heat, the appetite is often much less, but in this way it becomes more pleasant to eat. Avoid large portions but spread your portions throughout the day.

Avoid the hottest period in the sun

Many people think that the hottest time of the day is around noon, but… that’s not true at all! In any case, the sun is only at its highest between half past two and two o’clock in the afternoon. The sun shines strongly, but that does not mean that it is also the hottest time of the day. It does take a while for the soil to heat up. As a result, the mercury only rises a few hours after the sun is at its highest.

Because the ground has to warm up after the sun is so high and this warm air rises again from the bottom and heats the air further, we only reach the warmest moment of the day between 5 and 6 o’clock in the evening. Because there is generally little green space in the city, it often becomes much warmer in the city than among all the greenery. This is because stones retain the heat much longer.

It is therefore best to avoid the sun during these warm moments and to look for a cooler place in the shade or indoors.

Keep it cool inside, but how do you avoid heat inside

  1. During the day, put sunscreens, shutters down or close the curtains
  2. Keep windows and doors closed during the day, so the warm air doesn’t come in, but try to ventilate when it gets cooler
  3. In the evening, night and morning, open windows and doors opposite each other, so that it blows well
  4. Don’t you get it cool this way? Consider fans, or mobile air conditioners, but be careful with the latter that you don’t set them too long and too cool.
  5. Do you have a flat roof? Make it a green roof with plants, this helps against the heat and good insulation.

If you have to go outside, follow these handy tips

  1. Apply enough and consider a factor of 50
  2. Always wear a cap or hat to avoid sunstroke considerably
  3. Always bring a bottle of water
  4. Try to find the shade as much as possible.
  5. Avoid going outside as much as possible if not necessary.

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