Why our emergency map was created.

Assistance is an important link for people with autism. that is why we have put together an interactive assistance map to make it easier to find the right assistance in your own environment.

Here we also put a very strong focus on every aspect of assistance, such as schools, psychologists, diagnosis centers and so much more. We are also aware that there are long waiting times throughout Belgium. We deeply regret this and we hope that these waiting times will be shortened together with you. Accelerated procedures are possible for certain cases, but only in different specific situations and assistance. It is best to contact your assistance about this, who can provide you with the correct information based on your own situation.

We are also aware that there are also minority groups with fewer resources to call in the right assistance. For this, we advise you to only look at reimbursable assistance. But it is also possible to request budgets via the VAPH. A welfare home or OCMW can also support you with this. That way you can also know what you are entitled to. Be sure to inquire with your health insurance company about the benefits you have there.

Do you have any other questions? Contact us without obligation for more information.